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Water Damage, What to Do & Myths

Ok, you dropped your phone in the water. Does it still work? You want to know if you have an expensive situation on your hands. Did I lose my photos?

Resist! do not turn on your phone. If your phone has a removable battery. Remove it. The thing to remember is that water and electricity do not mix. but water and metal are ok, provided it is cleaned off properly to avoid rust and corrosion. Also water and plastic is not so bad. So turn off the electricity in the phone.

Next bring it into a KBA Technology location. We will open it up and look to see if there is water in your phone.

If there isn't count your blessings and be on your way with peace of mind, at no cost to you. If there is water in the phone, we can remove not only the water but also all the impurities in the water that will eventually eat the metal on the board to the point of the phone not working in 1 -9 months.

Myth: Putting your phone in a bag of rice will fix water damage.

Why it is a myth: There are numerous problems with the rice problem.

1. The rice gets in the charging port and breaks it.

2. Most use quick rice in which it has been pre-soaked and all of the absorptive properties are gone.

3. Even if the water in the phone is absorbed to the point where the phone now turns on again, all of the impurities remain. This will corrode the phone from the inside out and it will just not work at a later time.

Water Damaged Phone

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